We are advancing a portfolio of cancer therapies in various stages of preclinical and clinical development. Each candidate is structured as a separate company, a wholly owned subsidiary, with development managed centrally by the Cullinan Oncology team.

Company Partner Modality / Target
Pre-Clin P1 P2
Apollo Wistar EBNA1 SM Inhibitor For EBV Cancers
Pearl Taiho EGFR Exon 20 SM Inhibitor For NSCLC
Florentine DKFZ FLT3 x CD3 Bispecific MAb For AML
NexGem Internal HSA x CD19 x CD3 Tri-specific For ALL/NHL
Topaz Internal Supercharged FOLR Antibody / TLR
Opal Internal Bispecific Fusion Protein (CPI / IO Agonist)
Jade Fred Hutch TCR T Cell Therapy