A business model adapted to the realities of drug development.

We combine a unique portfolio model with innovative sourcing techniques and drug development expertise to discover and advance potentially transformative oncology drugs.

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The search for innovation knows no boundaries.


A different approach to
sourcing oncology assets.

A different approach to
sourcing oncology assets.

Cullinan ProspectingTM

Cullinan leverages a wide range of relationships across the development spectrum to create, identify and develop promising science. Our internally-driven idea creation complements our externally-focused business development activities as we look to create a portfolio of uncorrelated oncology assets. Recognizing no one entity has all the answers, Cullinan Prospecting seeks to leverage both internal and external resources to develop oncology medicines that can save lives.

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A business model that enables risk.


Modern day portfolio management applied to oncology drug development

In 1952, Harry Markowitz pioneered modern portfolio theory (MPT), whereby the construction of a portfolio can optimize expected returns while mitigating risk. In very much the same vein, Cullinan utilizes a portfolio approach to develop a collection of uncorrelated oncology assets so as to maximize optionality while mitigating risk. The company invests in a broad array of oncology assets that reside in its subsidiaries and are diversified across indication, mechanism and modality.

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High velocity, capital-efficient
drug development.


The statistics don’t lie

Drug development is not easy. It is also not cheap. We understand that. It is with this in mind that we created Cullinan – a company that is as focused on capital efficiency as novel drug development. By maintaining a lean infrastructure with nearly zero fixed costs, our capital is used to discern as quickly as possible the utility of our compounds. Terminating a program is often times as important as progressing one.


Through a combination of internal expertise and external relationships, Cullinan manages a portfolio of pre-clinical and clinical studies with quality and precision. Our team of drug development veterans work closely with trusted clinical and research partners to advance candidates in both a timely and capital-efficient way.



Access breakthrough science across a range of assets, mechanisms, and stages


Advance therapies through a cost-efficient model from preclinical to Phase 2


Maximize asset value by maintaining optionality